Turning Your Back To Leopards & Cheetahs | BIG CATS Show Their Predatory Nature Part 2

by Super User, 6 years ago
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I compare ambush styles of leopards versus cheetahs in my second installment of turning my back to big cats. I wanted to show the comparison between leopards and cheetahs this time. There is a big difference and it is due to the nature of these two predators... based on tons of factors where their mindset and bodies were adapted to hunt a certain way to survive. Where they live is just as important due to provided cover or not.

This is a simple test but does show the nature of these different cats when it comes to approach of their prey. Both have the instinct of ambush, but leopards are masters of it while cheetahs depend mostly on their speed. A leopards hunts mostly from forested areas while cheetahs live and hunt in the open plains.

There are so many factors and reasons why. Size, strength, muscle mass, body types, prey, landscapes, mindsets of the two and so much more. A whole thesis could be written and we're just talking about leopards versus cheetah ambush styles.

The wild cheetahs at Cheetah Experience don't like anyone and won't come close to me to test ambushing. But the tamed ones just don't care about your back because that is not their normal way of predation. They don't need to ambush their prey because none of their prey can out run a cheetah.

Anyway... enjoy the video but don't go thinkin you can just walk into any cheetah enclosure and not get jumped on for any reason. I am cautious and have foreknowledge about the nature of these animals and individuals, like I mention in this video. So please don't.

Thanks for watching!

P.S. Some seem to think I have an uncanny resemblance to Louis C.K. who is an American comedian, writer, actor, and filmmaker. He is known for his use of observational, self-deprecating, dark, and shock humor. Maybe on day I'll impersonate him and interact with these cheetahs, minus any dark humor of course. Not my style.

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