The 'Everything' Formula - Numberphile

by Jay, 9 years ago
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Matt Parker discusses Tupper's Self-Referential Formula. Matt's book on Amazon (US): Matt's book on Amazon (UK): A little bit of extra footage from this video: Thanks to our Patreon supporters... Herschal Sanders (from Susan) Today I Found Out Christian Cooper Ken Baron Greg Williamson Bill Shillito LĂȘ OK Merli Alex Bozzi Peggy Youell Spiked Math Filipe Junqueira Thomas J Petersen Christian Cooper Andrzej 'Yester' Fiedukowicz Joshua Wilson & Andrew Touchet Arnas Valeika Henry Reich Keith Vertrees plusunim Micky Baeza Tracy Parry Stan Ciprian Rich Pantano (from Jill) Kelly N Cooper Stimson James P Buckley Kristian Joensen Support us on Patreon: Tupper's Self-Referential Formula: NUMBERPHILE Website: Numberphile on Facebook: Numberphile tweets: Numberphile is supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI): Videos by Brady Haran Sign up for (occasional) emails: